Dogs are ideal for sniffing narcotics because of their excellent sense of smell and their capability to be trained and obey.

There are articles which are circulating from the internet saying that part in the drug dog training process is to actually get the animal hooked up about the drugs that they’re trained to discover. This claim is truly false, medication dogs are in fact trained applying a scientific technique which is humane and proper.

Show Dog Training is really a much harder job compared to ordinary k9 obedience instruction. A single reason is that you are going to be a handler of a humungous k9 like the German shepherd, Rottweiler, Boxers and Labrador retriever.

Also, did you know that before the dog might be exposed to drug dog training, they need to go via obedience training, specialized obedience education, endurance coaching, agility training and selective aggressive training?

Contrary to the rumors about feeding dogs with narcotics and acquiring them hooked on these substances, a common method of drug dog training is while using the use of the white cloth or towel.

The very first step to this drug dog training approach would be to merely play a game of tug of war while using the animal utilizing the white towel. At this stage, the towel is washed correctly making it scentless.

After a few days of playing the game of tug of war with all the dogs, the handler will then roll up a bag of some narcotics into the towel, take note that this procedure is only intended to leave the scent of the particular medicine to the towel and not to feed or let the animal taste the medication itself.

Applying this procedure the puppy will then recognize that the smell of medicines is the scent of his favorite toy. The white towel and animal will then play a game of hide and seek. Every single time the canine finds the white towel he is then rewarded by praise and treats. This process is repeated until the dog masters all from the scent of medicines.

Within the field the handler will constantly be carrying a white towel with him, to ensure that every single time that his animal makes the signal that he has found his favorite white toy, a game of tug of war is then rewarded to him for a job well done.

An additional well-liked drug dog training approach is with the use of boxes. The education process commonly starts with 3 -4 boxes, a single from the 4 boxes will have scent of your certain narcotic and is going to be marked to avoid contamination with other boxes.

The animal handler will then guide the canine into the boxes, when they arrive at the marked box the canine handler will then assign the k9 with a tell sign, it’s normally the sit command but it will depend on the handler’s preference, and permit the k9 to sniff and inspect the marked box.

This method are going to be repeated until the animal familiarizes himself towards the smell of the drug. Praise and treats will probably be the dogs reward if he displays the correct execution.

Eventually, when the dog is having the hang of medication sniffing, the handler makes the drill additional challenging by adding much more boxes and providing the canine with a lot more distractions.

Show Dog Training is actually a extremely challenging process and shouldn’t be treated as a joke. Medication dog handlers realize the importance of their dogs within the fight for illegal prescription drugs and treat them while using the love and respect that they deserve.

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